LISTENING PROJECT: Making Friends With a Song

Sally Riemer came in with her husband Dave, and brought her guitar. They talked about moving to Petersburg in the 1970’s with their young family. Sally’s songwriting career paralleled her adventures in Alaska. She tells a hilarious story about her short career in the cannery, and sings songs about her experiences.

Later, Sally became a third grade teacher, and her songs include verses written by her students, some now old enough to have kids of their own.  She tells of singing a love song she had originally written for Dave at a wedding last year, when two of her former third graders got married at Sandy Beach on a glorioussummer day.

One of my favorite moments was when she was singing and two little children outside the room heard her guitar, and looked through the glass door with delighted faces. I realized the legacy of this creative woman, and the value of her music that has brought joy to so many.