LISTENING PROJECT: Fishing stories from the Aleutians to Petersburg Creek

Lorry reminisces in this interview about getting his start in thelongline fisheries, first with his Dad, and then on the Lualda with Ray Evens. He tells about his rocky first day as cook on the boat, and remembers the surprise that young Chris Evens left in Charlie Christensen’sboot. Lorry is a very entertaining storyteller, and this interview makes me laugh every time I hear it. Find out where the early morning Coffee Crowd in town finally found a home, and how Hogie’s Hole up Petersburg Creek got its name.  Lorry pays homage to his mentor Jim Hammer, who taught him how to sportfish, and remembers the courtesy Jim installed in all the kids he taught to fish up Petersburg Creek.

Lorry’s Dad Chris  said that after Lorry was born,  the old hospital burned down, because  “They did not want to make the same mistake twice.” I would just say, Lorry broke the mold. I hope you enjoy these wonderful stories and Lorry’s classic wit.