LISTENING PROJECT: Dieter Klose & Dylan Klose

In this interview Dieter Klose talks with his son Dylan about growing up in Virginia and discovering climbing, Dieter’s life passion, at the age of 13. Dieter recounts a climb in Yosemite National Park and nearly slipping off the top of Bridalveil Falls, only to be rescued by his climbing partner. He tells Dylan about coming to Petersburg and meeting and marrying Dylan’s mom. Father and son also recount remember hiking together in Nepal and climbing together around Petersburg. One of their favorite memories is of witnessing a giant rockfall in the Witches Cauldron below Devils Thumb.

In another story, Dieter recounts surviving a storm in the Gulf of Alaska in a 32-foot sailboat

Dieter, a carpenter and designer, also talks about the homes and other buildings he’s constructed in Petersburg, including the bridge and troll house on the trail at Sandy Beach.

He also recounts some of the history of climbing on Devils Thumb and some of his climbs on the mountain, including his biggest accomplishment in the mountains, surviving an attempt on the dangerous northwest face of the Thumb.