LISTENING PROJECT: DJ Roundtree & Heidi Lee

In this Listening Project conversation D.J. Roundtree speaks with her friend Heidi Lee about the Roundtree family cabin in Beecher’s Pass, built in 1927 with logs from Thomas Bay. The cabin was owned by several families before Izzy and Claude Roundtree, D.J.’s inlaws, purchased it in 1956. D.J. describes the cabin and the improvements her family made like a sleeping loft with a trapdoor, a water catchment system and electric lighting.

She and Heidi also share memories of times at the cabin, including the wedding ceremony and party for D.J.’s son Patrick. Four generations of Roundtree family and friends have made many memories in Beecher’s Pass. D.J. remarks that family of all ages spent time there and always worked hard to keep the place clean and homey. She also remembers the wonderful silence of the remote site and the panoramic view of Duncan Canal.