LISTENING PROJECT: So you think THIS is a small town?

Heidi, Heather and Grace Bieber reminisced about living in remote Alaska towns before moving to Petersburg. The girls described how villagers pulled a whale up on the beach in Barrow and butchered it, and their Dad kept a piece of blubber in the freezer. Their Mom tells about the “Palm Trees” formed out of baleen. The family remembers saying goodbye to the sun in Barrow, wading in the icy Arctic Ocean, and terrifying plane flights to their next home in King Cove.

After living in the treeless Arctic, in very small communities, Petersburg seemed HUGE to them, and they were thrilled to know this town actually had its own swimming pool, after only getting to swim once a year on the annual school trip to Cold Bay. The Biebers’s lively stories remind us that ” small and isolated” can be a matter of perspective.