LISTENING PROJECT: Bill & Carol Stedman

In 2010 Carol Stedman interviewed her husband Bill about his childhood in Petersburg. He tells a charming story about how he and his dog Skippy rode around town on his bike, and about flying kites in a blizzard. His kite building ventures gave way to a life in aviation and Bill became a well-respected and busy pilot.

Bill speaks about the famous bush pilots he flew with as a young man and later about flying interesting people all around Southeast, including the movie stars in Petersburg for the filming of “Ice Palace”.

Reusable library tote bags now available!

Plastic bags present a host of environmental problems - many of them have an impact on our oceans. Today the library is taking the first steps toward ditching plastic bags! We're rolling out reusable blue bags at the front desk when you check out material. When items are returned, the blue bag is returned with them so we can use it again. We hope you like this change! Let us know what you think.


Storytellers Pole Unveiling May 17

Since opening the doors of the new library in 2013 we've been dreaming of a totem pole in the front of the building made by master Tlingit carver Tommy Joseph. Our dream is taking shape and installation of our 20 foot red cedar 'Storytellers pole' is planned for Thursday May 17 at 4pm.  

The Storytellers Pole is an original, innovative artwork developed and created for the Petersburg Public Library by master Tlingit carver Tommy Joseph. It was inspired by the familiar children’s stories, rhymes and tales most of us grow up with and that connect generations. Libraries are an important community venue for keeping these stories and their creators alive.

The project is made possible with funding from the Rasmuson Foundation, Petersburg Community Foundation, Friends of Petersburg's Libraries and scores of individual donors. Thank you!


Ray Duguqua sits down with Molly Taiber to talk about growing up in the village of Kake in the 1930s. He tells about going to Fish Camp in Saginaw Bay with his grandparents, about Kake Day, and what it was like to leave the village to attend school in Sitka. This is a rare glimpse into a world that now only exists in memory.

In the excerpt Ray tells about going to Fish Camp with his grandparents.


Five Finger Lighthouse Slideshow & Talk

Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

A special presentation by Fred Sharpe of the Alaska Whale Foundation. 

Fred’s work with bubble-netting humpbacks has been a centerpiece of AWF’s research program since the organization’s inception in 1996. Tenacious in his research, he has spent more time in the field observing social behaviors of humpbacks than most could fathom, and in 2001 he was awarded a doctorate from Simon Fraser University for his efforts.   Fred’s research has attracted some of AWF’s more eclectic collaborators, including the SETI Institute and National Geographic Society’s Crittercam team.  When Fred takes a break from whale research, he can often be found wandering the hills and forests of the Pacific Northwest collecting plant specimens and recording bird calls. Fred's handiwork can be seen in his books Birding in the San Juan Islands and Wild Plants of the San Juan Islands. 

Five Finger Lighthouse Slideshow & Talk.jpg