The Listening Project is Back!

The Listening Project is back! It’s is another precious opportunity to collect stories in our community and learn more about the people in our town and what they have to offer. The project helps define who we are in this community, expresses our diversity and identifies our resources of courage and imagination.  Everyone is welcome to participate!

To schedule an interview contact:  

Petersburg Public Library at 772-3349/ or Listening Project Coordinator Julie Hursey.

LISTENING PROJECT: Advocating for the Arts in Alaska

In this conversation Polly Lee talks with her daughter Anne Lee about her involvement and advocating for the formation of the original Alaska State Council on the Arts. Polly’s impact on the Arts not only in our community, but also in our State is impressive.



LISTENING PROJECT: Sons of Norway members share their cherished memories

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Sons of Norway Fedrelandet 23, a group of past officers and long-time members gather together at Petersburg ‘s Mountain View Manor to reflect upon some of their fond memories at the Sons of Norway. Tora Thynes, Neva Christensen, Jimmie Stafford, Roy Otness and June Vick discuss and share memories of how and why the hall was built, making Lutefisk, and their favorite yearly events.

LISTENING PROJECT: Kari & Oliver Petersen

Listen as Kari has a conversation with her young son Oliver to discover his take on girls and his love of Star Wars.  Oliver tells Kari about some of his favorite Star Wars characters and what is so special about the purple light saber.  This interview is a darling glance into the world of a four-year-old boy.

LISTENING PROJECT: Teachers form a lasting bond

(l-r) Kathy Bracken, Mel Stockton, Sally Riemer & Susan Holmes

(l-r) Kathy Bracken, Mel Stockton, Sally Riemer & Susan Holmes

Retired teachers Kathy Bracken, Susan Holmes, Sally Riemer and Mel Stockton sit down during their weekly Thursday morning coffee ritual to talk about how Petersburg’s teachers have formed a lasting bond well into retirement.  Thursday mornings a group of retired teachers meet inside the Scandia House meeting room to stay in touch with each other’s lives and to share information.  While working in the school district they formed tight bonds from shared experiences inside and outside the classroom.  This interview talks about some of those experiences they shared and their admiration for one another.

LISTENING PROJECT: Tareq Haluh and Angele McDonald

Tareq Haluh and Angele McDonald met in 2008 in Petersburg. Angele was working checkout at a local grocery and Tareq was on a student visa in Petersburg, working in a cannery for the summer. They later married and now have a young daughter, Jude.

In this Listening Project conversation, they chatted with Matt Lichtenstein about their lives in Petersburg and Jordon, Islamic faith and culture, and their thoughts about the Arab Spring movements in the middle-east and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.