UX = User Experience

During the summer for 2019, we welcomed Amy Poe, who is getting her Masters in Library Science through the University of North Texas as part of the Alaska State Library Internship Project. Her project this summer focused on user experience, finding ways for the library to better meet the needs of the community both in-person and online.

Using the text Useful, Usable Desirable, Amy

UX Outcomes

In progress

  • A small shelf will be installed to the right of the photocopier to give customers a place to rest their papers while they work.

  • The subject signs in our adult non-fiction collection are being improved for readability, the test signs can be seen starting in the COOKING section. This project will be completed early in 2020.

  • Although not seen by the public, the staff side of the front desk is being cleaned and organized. Being able find things and do their duties in a clean, organized environment help staff offer excellent customer service.

  • Our ‘request it’ forms will be redesigned and distributed throughout the library to let customers know that if we do not have what they are looking for, we will get it.

  • A marketing campaign will help bring awareness to our digital library of e-books and digital audiobooks.

  • Removal of outdated/ obsolete signs.


  • Installed hands free door openers in restrooms.

  • The public photocopier has been moved a few feet over allowing customers more room between the work they are doing and front desk activities.

  • Acoustic foam installed in interior book drop to cut down on noise.

  • Fewer newspaper and magazines will be kept to cut down on clutter and make browsing our periodicals section a more pleasant experience.

  • As part of their regular opening activities staff now.

    • check the general library email to promptly answer questions and requests

    • walk through the entire library to refresh all displays